Poker can be called a real international game, which is easily explained by its popularity literally all over the world. The rapid growth of the popularity of the poker game began just a few decades ago, and with the advent of the Internet, people got completely new opportunities. Now you can play poker from literally anywhere in the world, using Internet access and any available gadget. This simplifies the whole process, allowing you to enjoy the emotions of your favorite game at any time suitable for you.

Despite the popularization of the opportunity to play online, most fans prefer […]

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Many companies have low profits, are on the verge of bankruptcy and are waiting for a miracle. This has even become the norm for some. This has been happening for years, sometimes even decades, but no miracle happens. Before the crisis, there was still extra money in the economy, which somehow saved the situation. But the crisis has come, there is less and less extra money, which means that the situation is becoming more and more difficult and in order to get out of it, first of all you need to find the reasons for low profits.

reasons for low profit

The […]

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Recently, there has been a trend to transform yourself into a zombie in order to realize the idea of a zombie. A similar scheme works in the linen business. People buy underwear in order to realize the idea behind the underwear. Underwear in this case is just a tool for implementing an idea. In the pack, now the noodriver to the underwear market is a very useful and effective tool for working in the underwear market

So, business as a process is the transfer of a businessman’s energy to his business in order to turn it into money. This is a […]

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And now about business. So, business is an internal need of people, which comes from the very nature of people. However, this need is not characteristic of all people, but only special people who are created specifically for business. Business is their destiny. What kind of people are they? These are people with very strong energy. Accordingly, business is the need of people with very strong energy. It is people with strong energy that go into business under the influence of this energy.

How to solve the problems of the linen business

People with weak energy cannot do business, because they have […]

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In other words, all companies that really want to find qualified personnel for themselves, if not in their own country, then abroad, since the borders are actually open now and in case of urgent need, you can invite a specialist from any country. Thus, the qualification of personnel also cannot be considered as an anchor that does not allow business to develop, which means that it is necessary to continue searching for the real reason why business is not going.

Many attribute the stagnation of business to the fact that companies have to raise the price of their products due to […]

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Business may or may not go. Why is this happening, why is business not going on? If the conversation were in a different context, then the words “why is it worth it” would cause joy rather than chagrin, because in some cases the word “worth it” shows just that everything is fine. However, when it comes to business, the word “worth” has a negative imprint, because a standing business does not bring its owner anything but headaches and nervous breakdowns.

Business should not stand, business should develop, because money is invested in business, and money should make money, which is impossible […]

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It is important that the employee independently decides whether he wants to receive payment in this way. Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment, because their value is extremely unstable, and the technology itself appeared not so long ago.

In addition, each country has its own laws related to taxation.

Therefore, at the moment in Remote, this option is available only to employees from the United States, but it is planned to “launch in several countries,” says Vassas.

Rajat Kapoor, head of blockchain sales at the audit company EY, highlighted one important question in his publication for the corporate website: if you receive part of […]

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The Ethereum cryptocurrency is switching to a new transaction confirmation protocol. This will reduce energy consumption during mining by 99%, the developers assure. The transition will be smooth and will take place from September 15 to 20.

Quartz writes about the imminent change of the Ethereum mining algorithm.

Instead of the current Proof-of-Work protocol, Ethereum will start using Proof-of-Stake. The latter allows you to register transactions with a minimum amount of energy consumed. According to the Ethereum Foundation, they will be able to reduce energy consumption when mining ethers instantly by 99%.

Also, the new protocol will make the blockchain system resistant to […]

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Web3 is the third stage in the development of the Internet, in which the world wide web will run on blockchains and be managed by users, and not by technology corporations such as Google, Apple and Netflix. The goal of the stage is to make the Internet more accessible, private and secure. Web3, cryptocurrencies and NFT are confidently becoming a part of our lives. Let’s look into the future and think about how these technologies will change our relationship with brands.

What is Web3

Today, the content and personal data of online users belong to companies that can modify, delete and sell […]

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The basis for decentralized financing

Web3 can become a solid foundation for a secure and secure digital economy.

Decentralized financial services (DeFi, Decentralized Finance), working on the blockchain, as well as cryptocurrencies, are one of the most important components of the new Internet. They share a common goal of Web3 — to give people the opportunity to control their own funds through a digital wallet, rather than relying on large financial institutions and banks.

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Many brands already accept payment in digital currencies, including Microsoft, which allows you to purchase products from […]

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