And now about business. So, business is an internal need of people, which comes from the very nature of people. However, this need is not characteristic of all people, but only special people who are created specifically for business. Business is their destiny. What kind of people are they? These are people with very strong energy. Accordingly, business is the need of people with very strong energy. It is people with strong energy that go into business under the influence of this energy.

How to solve the problems of the linen business

People with weak energy cannot do business, because they have nothing to charge it with. True businessmen charge their business with their high energy and it works under its influence. Businessmen for business are like nuclear power plants for cities. Nuclear power plants power cities, businessmen power their businesses. All this means that the problems of the linen business have an energetic nature, as in principle, the problems of any other business.

Strong energy is very good, but so that it does not cause harm, it must be spent. For this reason, businessmen create a business. In fact, businessmen get rid of excess energy through business. In principle, there are other ways to dump excess energy, but business is a special way. It is special because it allows you to turn your excess energy into money!

You can even say that a business is a transformer that allows you to convert a businessman’s energy into money, and this is good for him. The more energy a businessman has, the more he can broadcast it to his business. Subsequently, the business converts this energy into money. The more energy a business receives from a businessman, the more money it generates.


The linen business is no exception. It is also created by people with strong energy. At the same time, this energy has a very definite source. This source is the idea that underlies the underwear. People who are engaged in the laundry business are the bearer of this idea. Sometimes random people can do this business, but they leave the market very quickly.

The linen business is no exception

Only those who have this idea embedded in them remain. Underwear is just the embodiment of this idea. Through this embodiment, the idea of underwear spreads. It is the fact that these people have the idea of underwear that determines that they choose a lingerie business. If a different idea had been implemented in them, they would have chosen a different line of business.

The idea of underwear is introduced into people who are ready for it to the maximum extent. Therefore, we can say that representatives of the linen business are the chosen people for this idea. These are special people who are better able than others to develop the idea underlying underwear. These are people who are engaged in their place in life. The idea of underwear creates energy in them. Under the influence of this energy, they create a laundry business.

The essence of this business is to promote the idea of underwear among potential consumers. The idea promoted by them is introduced into people, and they become consumers of underwear under its influence. We must understand that initially there are just people. They become consumers of underwear only because the idea of underwear is introduced into them. They want to implement this idea and for this they need underwear.

This is a scheme that moves the world and people are taught to it since childhood in order for them to master it. Probably there is not a single child who is not dressed up in some kind of costume in kindergarten. Someone was a wolf, someone was a hare, someone was a bear. And in adult life, everything happens exactly the same. Bikers dress in strictly defined clothes that allow them to realize the corresponding idea. It is customary to go to work in a business suit to realize the idea of a business person.