Web3 is the third stage in the development of the Internet, in which the world wide web will run on blockchains and be managed by users, and not by technology corporations such as Google, Apple and Netflix. The goal of the stage is to make the Internet more accessible, private and secure. Web3, cryptocurrencies and NFT are confidently becoming a part of our lives. Let’s look into the future and think about how these technologies will change our relationship with brands.

What is Web3

Today, the content and personal data of online users belong to companies that can modify, delete and sell […]

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The basis for decentralized financing

Web3 can become a solid foundation for a secure and secure digital economy.

Decentralized financial services (DeFi, Decentralized Finance), working on the blockchain, as well as cryptocurrencies, are one of the most important components of the new Internet. They share a common goal of Web3 — to give people the opportunity to control their own funds through a digital wallet, rather than relying on large financial institutions and banks.

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Many brands already accept payment in digital currencies, including Microsoft, which allows you to purchase products from […]

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Over the past few years, NFTs (non-fungible tokens, non-interchangeable tokens) operating on various blockchains have achieved rapid growth and have been sold at record prices.

According to the forecast of Jefferies investment bank, in 2022 the market value of NFT will exceed $ 35 billion, and by 2025 — $ 80 billion.

By purchasing such a token, the user receives a digital certificate confirming that he alone owns the original. It can be a digital asset from any industry, including gaming, fashion and even music.

Potentially, NFTs can have a huge impact. As they spread, the number of consumers using tools for purchases […]

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