Many companies have low profits, are on the verge of bankruptcy and are waiting for a miracle. This has even become the norm for some. This has been happening for years, sometimes even decades, but no miracle happens. Before the crisis, there was still extra money in the economy, which somehow saved the situation. But the crisis has come, there is less and less extra money, which means that the situation is becoming more and more difficult and in order to get out of it, first of all you need to find the reasons for low profits.

reasons for low profit

The situation itself will not be resolved, so it’s time to take active action. To start acting, first you need to find out the reason, or rather the reasons for the low profit. There are many of them, but there are the main ones that give the maximum contribution to reducing profits and, among other things, cause a number of other negative aspects. It is with their elimination that it is advisable to start everything.

…the first reason for low profits is subjective advertising, which is done without relying on the market and needs…

So, we begin to determine the reasons for the low profit. The first of them is subjective advertising, which is done without relying on the market and needs, but based on the considerations of the specialist who deals with it. He decides what the advertisement should be. Market analysis and needs, application of technologies are not expected. In fact, the specialist makes advertising for himself, namely himself, meaning as the recipient of the advertising message.