In other words, all companies that really want to find qualified personnel for themselves, if not in their own country, then abroad, since the borders are actually open now and in case of urgent need, you can invite a specialist from any country. Thus, the qualification of personnel also cannot be considered as an anchor that does not allow business to develop, which means that it is necessary to continue searching for the real reason why business is not going.

Many attribute the stagnation of business to the fact that companies have to raise the price of their products due to rising prices for factors of production and as a result they sell poorly. Of course, the price level affects whether the consumer will buy this product or not, but if you try hard enough, you can find a way to set a price that will be competitive. It is always possible to find ways to reduce the level of costs, since there are more than enough measures for this.

For example, you can start producing goods in countries with low wages. It is also possible to revise the technological process and optimize it. You can find ways to use cheaper materials. In general, with a strong desire, you can always find a way to reduce the price, which means that its level is not decisive and does not lead to business stagnation, except in very, very rare cases.

Okay, I won’t torment you with any more thoughts, but I will note that the stagnation of business in 99% of cases is due to the lack of a sufficient number of consumers, as well as due to the fact that there is no corporate identity of the company. It seems to be a banal answer to a banal question. However, not everything is so simple, there are nuances. There are not enough consumers, because no one has created them, and this is the key point.

Business does not go when there is no one to buy goods or services. If you decide to go fishing and choose a lake where there are no fish, you can do anything, but you will not catch fish. Similarly, in business: if there are no consumers, do what you want, even if you offer a product for free, but you will not be able to sell it. You can scold nature, competitors, the state, but this will not solve the issue.

It is clear that the state, of course, can establish some restrictive measures, for example, it can prohibit the trafficking of narcotic substances, or limit the age of sale of alcoholic beverages or cigarettes, i.e. sometimes the number of consumers is regulated by the state. However, the lion’s share of goods is in free circulation, which means that the lack of consumers is associated with other factors, which we will now try to find out.

It is known that the basis of any market is the idea

It is known that any market is based on an idea. It is embedded in the consciousness of a certain part of people who eventually become consumers of goods or services and form a market. It is clear that the number of people in whom this idea can be implemented is finite, and someday there comes a moment when an idea has already been introduced into each person and moreover embodied.

It turns out that there comes a moment when the idea exhausts itself, which means that the market, which is built on its basis, exhausts itself, because everyone has already bought these goods or used these services and they no longer need them. They buy goods in such a market only if a previously purchased product fails. As a rule, for a certain period, say for a year, approximately the same level of demand is formed on the market, and hence the level of supply.

Thus, the company produces almost the same amount of goods from year to year and it begins to stagnate, as a result of which business does not go. If you take by analogy, you can imagine a glass of water. Pour more water into it than it holds, it will not work in any way, this can only be done if the water is poured out of the glass, i.e. if there is space.

However, pouring water from a glass is not the only option. There is another option – take another glass and pour water into it. In the language of noomarketing, to take another glass means to introduce a new idea to the market and build a new market on its basis. Such an option for business is the only acceptable one, because it is not possible to “drain the water” from the market, i.e. it will not be possible to take cars from consumers in order to offer new ones later.

You can only take a new glass and start pouring water into it. As a result, after the idea is implemented in a sufficient number of consumers, a new market will form around it and demand for goods that correspond to this idea will be created, which means that the business will come out of stagnation and become dynamic again. But this will continue as long as the idea does not exhaust itself again, which means that new ideas will have to be introduced again and again so that the business does not end up in stagnation.

In order to create new consumers, you need to be able to work with ideas. In order to be able to work with ideas, you need to read articles about business written in the language of noomarketing, because noomarketing is also a technology that is sharpened for this. If there are few articles, you can get business advice and answers to all questions.