There is no denying of the benefits of having a good life insurance policy. If you have a family that depends on you to support them financially, having a life insurance makes you more comfortable that they will be probably taken care of if something happens to you. The road to a good life insurance isn’t an easy one. Unlike health insurance policies that were guaranteed since the Affordable Care Act became law, life insurance is different. Based on the insurance company’s assessment of your application, you can get life insurance with very high premiums or even denied getting one at all. This decision is influenced mainly by the amount of risk that the insurance companies see in you.

To guarantee that they make profits, insurance companies asses every case that applies in order to determine if they should give life insurance and whether this is a risky decision for the company. Things such as your health and lifestyle have a direct impact on your evaluation. Among the most important stages in evaluating your health is the medical exam stage. If you get a high score on this stage, you are almost guaranteed to get a plan with decent coverage and affordable premiums. Taking the medical exam is highly recommended if you have a good health. If you are not in such a good shape, there are other alternatives.

Some insurance companies offer exam-free insurance policies. If you are a smoker, heavy drinker or even a high risk athlete, you probably cannot qualify for the best life insurance plans. Opting for an exam-free life insurance can sometimes be the best route for your case. In order to be able to tell exactly though, you need to either do some extensive research or visit sites such as Health IQ to learn more.